Table of Contents

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Welcome to the Run As You Are wiki! This is a comprehensive breakdown of all things RAYA-related. This manual includes information on:
​Introduction –
  • Background information on the team behind Run As You Are
  • The official links of the project, to minimize phishing attacks and other hacks
  • The project and developmental roadmap for Run As You Are
​About Us –
  • The RAYA one-liner that we use to elevator pitch potential users, ambassadors, and partners
  • The vision, mission, and values of Run As You Are (RAYA)
  • The why and how RAYA seeks to push run culture forward into the 21st century
  • What the RAYA platform entails in both the short and long-term
​Memberships –
  • Information about the RAYA Memberships, how it works, and what makes it unique
  • Utility for RAYA Members
​Collaborations –
  • Our list of Brand and Retail partners
  • Events we have (or will have) hosted with partners
If you have any questions that are not addressed by the following wiki, please contact: