This page provides a quick overview on the vision, mission, and values of Run As You Are (RAYA).

RAYA in a Sentence.

Run As You Are (RAYA) is a technology-enabled running brand creating a globally accessible community to innovate and push run culture forward into the future.

Our Mission.

RAYA's mission is to build the most highly engaged community of runners globally, connecting them with the best brands, retailers, crews, products, and experiences around the world.
We envision a globally diverse community of runners connected through a technology-enabled platform designed for everyone to run with purpose.

Our Values.

🫂 | Inclusion

Running is developed, not learnt. From the day we take our very first steps, the gait cycle is hardwired in our anatomical system. We are born to run, all of us.
To run is to move. To run is to commit to betterment. To run is to live. We seek to create a community where runners of all forms and abilities can participate and belong.

🌍 | Diversity

RAYA seeks to champion diversity in running. Since the beginning, our mission has been to redefine run culture to recognize the diversity of runners across the world. From parents to trail runners, the sky is the limit. This dedication toward diversity can even be seen through our membership passes! More information on the membership can be found at General Information.

🎉 | Community

Community means everything to Run As You Are. As a team of runners ourselves, we recognize how powerful communities are in providing support to one another. Thus, everything we do is in service of our community.

💡 | Innovation

At RAYA, we believe in the importance of building for tomorrow as much as we understand the need to relate to the consumer of today. As such, we are trail-blazers pushing the edge of what's possible every single day.