About The Platform

Here's how Run As You Are (RAYA) looks to accomplish our mission.
Earlier, we talked about how we've launched the early-access beta for the Run As You Are (RAYA) platform. Let's break down what this means for you as a runner currently. For a list of future features to expect down the road, check out Roadmap.
On the Overviewpage, we stated how RAYA's mission is to build a globally accessible community to innovate and push run culture forward (and into the future).
We'll accomplish just that, and more, through a technology-enabled platform connecting retailers, brands, and consumers. Here is how the platform works:

The RAYA Platform.

To put it simply, Run As You Are (RAYA) is a technology platform that makes running much more fun and inclusive for you and your friends.
🤩 | Run For Rewards:
A gamified running experience that allows you and the RAYA community to collect points by syncing Strava (and/or other activity-tracking apps) with our platform.
💼 | RAYA Missions:
Missions are designed to encourage the things we value as a community. These can be physical challenges, mental challenges, community-driven initiatives (ie. run with friends, run with crews), environmental impact-driven, or even charitable. Runners will unlock additional RAYA points by participating in missions. There will be base missions and elevated missions (more on this later).
🪙 | RAYA Redemptions:
Redemptions are designed to unlock value for the community. These can be discounts, products, contests, giveaways, event tickets, or even donations. Runners can unlock value by trading their hard-earned points in redemptions. There will be base redemptions and elevated redemptions (more on this later).
🌇 | A Premium Experience With RAYA Memberships:
Unlock exclusive features and access to elevated missions and redemptions by purchasing a collectible membership.

RAYA Point System.

Our goal is to encourage everyone to run and be healthy, but our mission is to do it in a way that is community-driven, inclusive, and supportive of our network of partners.
Used to exchange for discounts, products, experiences and more, RAYA Points are earned through exercise and activity using activity tracking apps such as Strava.
*Note: We currently only tracks run, walk, and hike activities.
RAYAVerse: A depiction of the world we are building here at Run As You Are (RAYA).
🪅 | Standard Point Calculation:
  • Distance vs. Time
    • 1km = 7pts
    • 1min = 1pt
    • Whichever of the two is highest, you will receive that amount of points. This is our way to not penalize fast runners, but at the same time equal the playing field for those who enjoy longer sessions outside that may not be speed or distance driven.
    • There are 2 different time metrics on activity trackers such as Strava, one is "moving time" and the other is "total time". We use moving time in our time formula to prevent gaming the system.
  • Elevation:
    • Additional 1pt for every 10m of elevation
  • Examples:
    • 5km run, 20 mins, 50m elevation = 35 + 5 = 40 pts
    • 5km run, 35 mins, 50m elevation = 35 + 5 = 40 pts
❌ | Multipliers:
  • Special activities that support our visions, such as running new routes and/or running with friends or crews will unlock multipliers to the standard calculations.
  • OG Runners (early supporters) will receive a 1.5x multiplier on their standard calculations.
  • RAYA Members will also receive special advantages (TBD).
💼 | Missions:
  • Base RAYA Missions: Standard missions that unlock additional RAYA points.
  • Elevated RAYA Missions: Members-only missions that unlock specific brand adventures and perks.
  • Special RAYA Missions: TBD.