General Information

One of the core offerings of RAYA is the memberships released as digital collectibles. Here's what the memberships entail.

Each RAYA Collectible Membership is a digital art collectible, representing diversity in runner archetypes and different traits paired together with officially licensed shoe styles from one of our brand partners. There is a fixed supply of memberships every season, and its first come first serve. If you miss out, there will be new collections launching from time to time.

With each new series, we will introduce new archetypes, genders, colours, backgrounds, and brands to highlight different identities in an effort to represent more and more diversity as our community grows.

All designs are hand drawn and illustrated by Marlon Soriano, an artist and entrepreneur based in Vancouver, Canada.

The Series 1 Memberships will encompass:

  • 5102 unique collectibles

  • Featured traits:

    • Runner Archetypes (see below)

    • Energy – male, female, both or neither

    • Background Colours - solid, gradient

    • Special Backgrounds - cities, environments

    • Apparel - upper body, lower body, accessory

    • Shoes Brand / Model - Adidas, Salomon, On, Ciele, Satisfy

  • The combination of different traits will provide countless variations

  • There are also 1:1 ultra rare runners hidden in the full collection (with a few surprises)

Archetypes (Character Intros)

Focused roadie –

" Before I head out on my run I check the days training plan one final time.

Did I bring enough gels? Check. Sock length correct? Check.

Do I have a strong GPS signal (because if it isn’t on STRAVA it didn’t happen)? Check.

Off we go to take it all in and escape the world - provided it fits within the prescribed pace and interval effort - JK, no not really.

I am the Focused Roadie and I relish in the perfect negative split execution. "

Trail runner –


Listen man, it's not about the pace out here, it's about connecting with nature and challenging yourself in ways you never thought possible.

When I grab my trail pack and take my first steps on the forest trail, everything else washes away and my mind is free.

Logging the most vert, training for that 50miler, or out here with friends, everyone is welcome.

Except roadies - how they can possibly run asphalt, I will never know.

I am the trail runner and I run for the nature.


Zen Runner –


The run is where I centre myself in this crazy world. It is my time alone to express the gratitude I have for my environment and be truly present to experience every aspect of this wonderful sport.

Through the rhythm of my steps to the fresh oxygen in my lungs, each step is like a metronome forcing me to focus and let go at the same time.

Yeah, most of the day I’m hustling hard at my tech start-up but when I lace up, all of that washes away - you’ll know because I’ll post about in a lovely earthy tone filter right when I finish up.

Want to learn the ways? I am The Zen Runner, throw me a follow up IG when you can


Fashionista –


Running for me is as much about sporting the latest in running fashion as it is putting one foot in front of the other.

You see, movement is good, but movement while looking straight fly, that’s pure bliss. I may sweat just a little much in this Parisian hoodie made from recovered goat hair that was shed and found only at the depths of the most Northern Norwegian Fjords, but there’s no denying it is worth every last drop…the price tag, well that is another story.

Let’s run shall we? You can wear whatever you please, JK. I am the Fashionista Runner and I live for... you tell me, what’s hot right now?


Parent Runner –


Between lack of sleep, play-dates, little league and errands, I find the time.

Running is where I relieve stress and recharge, for raising little ones means I need to be on my game 24/7.

I may be disheveled, wearing two different socks and quite possibly donning a top covered in pasta stains but hey, nothing 30min on feet and an overpriced americano can't fix.

I am the Parent Runner and I run at all hours of the day.


Soloist –


If there is one thing I love it’s hangin’ with friends but when it comes to my running, it’s all about me.

Hoods up, hearts full, the freshest shoes on feet and the finest beats playing in the headphones. Y

ou’ll find me cruising to my own rhythm at my own pace - it’s not that I don’t want to run with you, I’m just my best self when I’m by myself and when we do meet up for that run together, I’ll be better for it.

A friendly nod when we pass or quick flash of a smile, enjoy your run and I’ll enjoy mine, for I am the Soloist.


Proud Runner –


Months of preparation, early mornings, non-stop eating, visits to the massage therapist, skipping parties - all for the satisfaction of crossing that finish line.

Oh and how I relish in all it’s glory, from the moment the gun goes off I soak in all of my surroundings, from the cheer stations to the finish line beer tent, nothing goes unappreciated.

Sometimes the struggle bus shows up hard and I need to dig in deep for that mental fortitude, and other times I’m light as air seemingly floating like a gazelle to the finish line - energy still in the legs.

Either way, when I arrive get that medal around my neck fast because I’ve got brunch reservations and I am eating everything in sight, for I am the Proud Runner, just check out my bling.


Foodie Runner –


Sure pre-run nutrition is important and you bet it's taken me awhile to figure out exactly how to stay fueled on my long runs.

But, OMG I cannot even begin to tell you how I'm going to chow down post-run.

The thought of a big juicy burger enters my mind nearly every run, and that hot new ramen joint, you know I'm working that into my Strava route planning.

Yeah, I like to run, but I LOVE a post-run cinnamon bun (and the photo to prove it) - I am the Foodie Runner.


Gym junkie –


I'll be honest, I'm not the biggest fan of running. I'd much rather pop some earbuds in, hit the rack and work on some well sculpted muscle tone.

But, you know it's all about balance and if I'm going to be a well rounded athlete then so be it, I've got to run.

It's growing on me, I'll admit, and have you ever joined in a group run? Now that is some kind of camaraderie I can get behind!

Ok ok, the more I talk about it the more I dig it - let's run! But not too far, I am the Gym Junkie and I don't want to go shedding these granite pipes by logging too many miles.


Newcomer –


If you asked me 12 months ago if you’d find me out there putting one foot in front of the other, I’d say you spiked that energy drink of yours.

Now, well, you can’t peel the smile off my face once I’m out there pounding the pavement. I won’t lie, there’s been some ups and downs but as my body adapts to this newfound love I’ve only been craving it more and more.

Forget curling up on the couch after a long day of work, now all I can think about is getting home to lace up my sneaks.

The best part, it’s so fresh I’m discovering new things all the time, like did you know you DON”T have to run in 11" shorts?!?

Well if that ain’t something! The skies the limit, because I am The Newcomer.


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