A detailed FAQ explaining how RAYA Collectible Memberships works, what the costs are, how to buy/sell/trade, and all the benefits of being a member.

What are RAYA Collectible Memberships?

RAYA Collectible Memberships are limited-edition memberships that provide owners with unique benefits on the RAYA Platform. They are powered by non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the Ethereum blockchain, and stored in your RAYA Locker (a digital wallet linked to your RAYA account). When you purchase a RAYA Collectible Membership, you become the owner of it. This means you can keep it, trade it, sell it, or use it on RAYA to unlock elevated RAYA Missions and RAYA Redemptions.

Our first series of collectibles were hand drawn and illustrated by Marlon Soriano with art direction from our brand partners: adidas, Salomon, On Running, Ciele, and Satisfy. They are available for sale via the Membership Page on the Run As You Are (RAYA) website on November 3rd, 2022.

RAYA Collectible Memberships are 1:1 art pieces that features a different combination of traits, such as runner archetype, energy, background, colour, apparel, and shoes. The shoes are officially licensed models from our brand partners. Each RAYA Collectible Membership is randomly generated with purchase.

How much does it cost?

Each RAYA Collectible Membership will cost $199 USD (0.15 ETH). There are multiple ways to earn a spot on our Run List, either through a redemption event in Discord (now closed), through participation in one of our community events (ie. RAYA Pop-Up Experience), or other special giveaways. All qualified runners will be notified in groups and will receive a special code to purchase their RAYA Collectible Membership at a discounted price.

What do I own after purchasing a RAYA Collectible Membership?

What you own is a bundle of rights, including the right to display the artwork associated with your RAYA Collectible Membership, the right to access different features on the RAYA Platform, along with the right to access perks at our RAYA Retail Partner locations around the world.

These rights are licensed to you by Run As You Are (RAYA) and licensors, including independent creators. You can use, copy, and display the artwork for your own personal use, and you can transfer these rights to others by selling or transferring your Collectible Membership to another individual.

Where does my RAYA Collectible Membership go once I purchase it?

Once you purchase your RAYA Collectible Membership, it is stored in your RAYA Locker. You can also view your Collectible Membership on your profile by logging in and clicking Profile Icon > Locker.

Because you own your RAYA Collectible Membership, you will have the ability to transfer it out of your RAYA Locker. Keep in mind, you will not be able to activate or unlock membership features on RAYA when transferred out.

Can I sell my RAYA Collectible Membership?

Since your RAYA Collectible Membership is on the blockchain, you own it. This means you can do what you want with it! If you would like to transfer your Collectible Membership, you can import the contents of your RAYA Locker into a third-party crypto wallet using your recovery phrase. We’re currently building transfer functionality into the RAYA website and will be completing this work in the coming months!

After you transfer your collectible into a third-party crypto wallet, you will have full control to trade or sell your Collectible Membership on secondary marketplaces (such as OpenSea). However, we do not currently support secondary sales of Collectible Memberships on RAYA today.

Can I change my profile picture to the one in my RAYA Collectible Membership?

We are currently building this functionality into the RAYA website and will be completing this work in the coming months! Our goal is to give you full control of your profile, and be able to swap collectibles depending on how you would like to show up in the RAYA community.

To get things started, you will immediately get access to cropped images of a profile pic (PFP) and the shoes that correspond to your RAYA Collectible Membership to use on other social platforms.

What are all the fees associated with the sale of RAYA Collectible Memberships?

Our payment processor (Stripe) charges a 2.9% transaction fee for each membership sale. Run As You Are (RAYA) does not charge any additional fees to cover any blockchain-related costs.

There is a 5% royalty fee set on all major secondary marketplaces if RAYA Collectible Memberships are resold by owners.

What are the specific benefits of holding a RAYA Collectible Membership?

RAYA Collectible Memberships unlock token-gated features on the platform that includes Elevated RAYA Missions and Elevated RAYA Redemptions that are not available to non-members. In addition, membership perks will be available at our RAYA Retail Partner locations around the world such as discounts, early access to special product drops, and early access to special events hosted by our partners.

*Bonus Feature:

Depending on the traits on your collectible, you will unlock another layer of access: Our Brand Partners. We are curating special brand-led RAYA Missions and RAYA Redemptions that will only be unlocked if your collectible features that specific brand within the artwork (in the form of shoes and/or apparel). These special missions and redemptions may be product-driven, but our focus at RAYA is on experiences. The only way to access these brand-led experiences is to own a RAYA Collectible Membership with that specific brand.

What is the detailed breakdown for Series 1 Collectible Memberships?

The total supply for Series 1 RAYA Collectible Memberships is 5102.

Within the full collection, there are 5070 that will be associated with one of our shoe brands, and 32 rare outputs that are uniquely hand drawn and illustrated by Marlon Soriano.

There is a total of 49 different styles of shoes within the collection, all officially licensed models and/or colours from Adidas, Salomon, and On Running. Each brand will be featured in one third of the collection (not including the rare artworks), showing up in different shoe models and/or colours paired together with a random mix of our other traits to create unique pieces of art.

Our other 2 brand partners are apparel and accessory brands, and thus will not be included in the main collection. Instead, Ciele will have 3 unique rare artworks, while Satisfy will have 2.

The remaining 27 rare outputs will be fun surprises that may or may not be associated with one of the brand partners. They are all special in their own way and will unlock premium features within the RAYA ecosystem.

Last but not least, there are some backgrounds that are extremely rare in the collection. Be on the lookout for these πŸ‘€

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